Monday, November 30, 2009


Exercise is bliss.

And I'm soooo the last person I expected to be saying this.

I always put exercise in that category of pain, strain and feats of the insane. The word conjured long hours at the gym or Herculean efforts to beat my body into submission. Who wants to sign up for that, really?

I'm not an athlete, and never will be one. But in 2009, I decided that I had to change my couch-sittin' ways if I wanted to be healthy and happy. I started doing a little walking and running, which was more like mosey-ing. I entered a couple of races to stay motivated, and actually started to see some results.

Then I discovered biking.

Remember that feeling of flying down the street with the wind in your hair, when the world was just you, the bike and the road? Remember the power in your arm as you threw a football to your buddy, and the thump when you caught it again? Or how about running through a field, laughing, with the grass tickling your legs?

That's what exercise should be: the joy of using your body to get you where you want to go. Not spendy gear, a trendy diet plan or your optimal fat-burning zone.

When I got in touch with that powerful place, I couldn't wait for my next workout. Discipline and self-control pretty much became non-issues because I wanted to feel good more than I wanted the empty comfort of junk food. And a year later, I had lost almost 20 pounds even though most of my workouts only lasted 30 minutes or less.

This blog is dedicated to helping you find that place for yourself. I have no special secrets, no products to sell, no magical thinking. I'm just a regular person here to remind you that feeling good is what it's all about, and that feeling is only a few minutes away.

Here's to your bliss!

Meet the family. Me and Hot Husband/Enabler in back. In front, there's Dragon Boy, Monkey Boy and Tiger Boy. I love my dudes.

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of men in your life!
    Happy cycling!