Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter play for moms

Sometimes, glorious days just sneak up on you. Today was one of them.

This morning started out innocently enough with our first day back to home schooling, post-holidays. I was in the usual place of being grateful that we have the freedom to live this life, and trying to stay calm while three children needed me to sit beside them NOW or they couldn't stay focused. Lunch was made and consumed, and we started the frenzy of getting all of our gear to the ice rink to meet friends, only to find out that I had forgotten their hockey sticks. Grrrrr . . .

Once I returned with the sticks, we all hit the ice for a little pick-up hockey, which means there are usually 6-10 boys playing against 3-5 parents. Three words: moms vs. boys. It's been so fantastic seeing the kids' skating (and the adults) improve as we've kept this weekly tradition. After a while, the boys were more interested in making snow forts in the mounds that had been plowed off the rinks, so the moms chatted. And then . . .

TWO ON TWO! NO RULES! I have to say, it was hilarious! Three of us are making up skating as we go along, figuring out what works only by how long we're still on our blades. One mom grew up playing pickup hockey in her childhood, so she's waaaay ahead of us, skill-wise. Hee-hee! She was on my team!

I'm not sure if I'm sore from skating or from laughing so hard over the missed shots, great plays, good-natured trash-talking and just all-around fun of playing hard with people I care about. It was a great workout, but even better camaraderie. Thanks, chicas!

And by the way--happy birthday, little bro!

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