Friday, March 12, 2010

Moms and boys ride!

No epic haul, no burning quads, no tantrums borne of exhaustion. At least from the 12 and younger crowd. Just two moms and four boys, taking an afternoon ride to honor the opening of biking season.

The outdoor ice rinks have melted down to slush fields, so the Home School Hockey Hooligans have now switched gears, quite literally. Last week, we were looking for indoor ice to pacify our need to burn off some energy, but this week, it just didn't seem right to don skates under fluorescent lights and a metal roof. The sun was glorious, the roads were tantalizingly dry, and the wind . . . well, it was still a bit nippy.

The kids really didn't complain much as we took our first group ride of the year on roads around my neighborhood. As you can see, there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, but most roads, paved or gravel, are cleared off nicely past the shoulder. We kept the boys on asphalt today, since there are still plenty of puddles. I can handle splatters, but I'll take a pass on full-on gumbo in my Maytag if I have the choice.

The boys wore their winter coats, boots and mittens and seemed totally comfy. I had on my favorite wool base layer and my trusty biking jacket, basic pants over thin wool long johns to fend off the breeze, and my biking shoes.

Total distance covered was only about 6 miles, but Elle and her son biked 3 miles to my house first, and then the same distance back after they dropped us off at home. They're studs. Tomorrow, it's our turn to bike in their direction.

Geek moment! Just as we hit our driveway, there were two sun dogs to grace our afternoon. Does it get much better than this?
 Not the sun on a cloudy day, but a refraction of sunlight known as a sun dog.

I live here! Well, this isn't my yard, but it's sooo close to my house.

 Elle, Bianchi and the Bridgers. She's got a sweet setup.

What winter bikers with boys carry in their baskets. Don't ask.
My ancient Jamis rig with cute caboose . . .

 . . . and a darling co-pilot.

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  1. Beautiful! The look comfy in their coats, but I'll bet they're happy for the new warm weather :)