Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gear lust: Nutcase helmet

Is a decent bike helmet too much to ask for? I'm a 40-year-old mother of three boys. I don't need to look like a streetwise skateboarding hipster or an aerodynamic time trial wonder. Cranial protection with a little style thrown in would be perfect.

Enter Nutcase helmets. They appear to be practical with flair plus a sense of humor. Your skull can look like a watermelon, an 8-ball, a crash test dummy's or have a cool retro design. I don't know how kids would NOT beg for these. Reviews say they're comfortable,  good for summer or winter use, and the price (about $50) isn't bad.

I'm saving my pennies so I can put one of these on my noggin this summer. Hey--you won't miss me in a crowd!


  1. I agree, Nutcase helmets are great!

  2. Me too. I have a glittery silver one, which goes with almost anything...though I keep wanting another for my black pashley princess. I'm Also a mom of three boys, (though older than you) and need those fun accessories!