Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Numbers Fitness: Kickoff!!!

Woo-HOO!! Here we go!

It's the thread of imagination, the first step on the Yellow Brick Road, or maybe page one of a crisp new journal. Today we start thinking differently about the way to have a strong, beautiful body.

For those who have just stumbled across New Numbers, perfect timing! You can read more on the concept here and here. Jump in!

Each week for the next few weeks, here's the routine. 100% guaranteed to be free of hype, Lycra and admonitions.

Momentum Plan
On Sundays, I'll post a reminder for you to take time to look at your calendar and plan your 10-Minute Momentum. From January 16 to February 12, we'll be going for two 10-minute interval workouts and one 5 or 10-minute strength/core workout.

Spend a little time checking your schedule, the kids', your sweetie's and the weather. Just 10 minutes can be such a gift, and you don't want to miss the chance.

How's it going?
During the week, I'll post what I've done, what works for me, and bits of inspiration I'm finding along the way. Hope you'll do the same so we can help each other.

(Not the hair salon kind.) On Friday or Saturday, I'll post about how my week went and encourage you to consider what felt great, what was hard, what you'd like to do more of and what you'd like to change. It's a good way to pull yourself out of the shoulds and into the fun.

My Flight Plan, January 16-22
Yesterday, I got in a 15-minute bike ride, which was a perfect breather on a busy, fun day. I'm hoping to get a core workout in today, a cardio workout in on Tuesday and Thursday (hockey!!!), and another core workout in on Saturday.

What's possible for you this week?

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  1. I plan on riding the bike more to the gym this 2012. It is a nice cardio workout and as a warm-up for the main workout.
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