Sunday, January 9, 2011

The subversive New Year's post I should have written

The resolution blog posts are finally coming to a close, thank heaven! I've have about all I can take of the "be all your should be" pep talks.

Just when I was wrestling with how to encourage a new way of thinking about resolutions -- one that's about embracing life instead of beating yourself up -- Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles wrote it. So go read that if you're still concocting a January self-improvement program.

Here's a quick summary. Natalie says, "The classic formula is to identify an area of perceived weakness, throw some will-power and discipline at it, and see if it makes you a better person."

Her "Live the Life you Already Love" counter position is delightful and radical.
  • Find something that already brings you joy.
  • Focus on cultivating that one thing more often.
  • Repeat.
That's more like it.

When I started my fitness adventure early in 2009, I knew I wanted to feel better and I was hoping that regular exercise would help. I didn't expect it to be a necessary part of my week. I never fathomed that getting out and moving would clear my brain fog, steer me away from sugary comfort foods, and make me see myself in a completely different, positive way.

And this bike love thing? Never saw that coming.

Since the end of 2009, I have to admit that I've been far from disciplined. While my weight hasn't gone up much, it has increased, and especially during those times when I said I was too busy to exercise.

When I have gotten back in my workout groove, I'm soundly reminded that how much better life seems. And fortunately, my strong, (mostly) toned body welcomes me back.

In 2011, I'm giving myself permission to get in regular, fun workouts of any length or any kind. Trapeze class? Maybe. Sunset rides, hikes, ski outings and runs? Definitely.

How about you?

More of this, baby.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! I'm really enjoying reading your new posts.

    I don't do any workouts now, other than riding my bike. I want to get back into yoga, though. That would be cultivating something I love. I used to go to the studio 2, 3, 4 times a week for 90 minute Bikram, but with my newish non-profit job, I can't afford it. So in the new year I'd like to encourage myself to go for it in my living room.

  2. Nice post; we must be soul sisters. I've had the same experience with my relationship with my body and becoming strangely fascinated with my bicycle. I too let things lapse a bit but didn't gain too much weight and have recommitted to making running enjoyable for me again. Yah!

    The last couple of years I've indulged in loving skiing and making it one of my winter priorities. I might not want to be in Flagstaff but if I have to be here I'm going to enjoy everything it has to offer. I purchased some on-sale ski wear so that I can carry style beyond just cycle chic. I've also renewed my relationship with butter, although I'm not sure things are working out. Yes, it tastes great but I'm just not sure if thisis best for me in the long-term.

    Keep blogging in the new year! - Karen

  3. Justine--All the best to you, too!
    Dottie--You owe it to yourself to find some practice that works for you. It feels sooo good!
    She Rides--Woo-HOO! Good for you for trying new activities! I've found it to be very empowering. Butter--mmmm. Keep it. High-quality fats are actually great for you!