Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wishes #2: The big and unexpected

Hey, look! It's a regular feature! Why? Making these Wednesday Wishes keeps me in touch with what's fantastic about life and my mission to make 2011 about the happies. Sometimes the wishes are about stuff, but mostly it's about turning life from good to great.

For years, I bought into the idea that success meant I had to Make Goals. Set Plans. Stick to Them. What I've found, especially with the advent of the dudes in my life, is that life is more like the old Stones tune. I don't always get what I want, but I get what I need.

This week was a prime example. Last week, boots, handlebars and a great morning ritual were on the wish list. They're all in process, and I'm good with that. The morning ritual is most important to me, and that takes time to weave together.

What I didn't ask for and got anyway
  • Dedication to do some sort of workout every day. I'd been afraid to set that intention out in the world, but it showed up, inspired by a couple of pieces of clothing that, as my pal Lorca said, just ask for fabulous.
  • Gentle resolution with a bully from junior high. I'm long past the days when I've fantasized about a great tell-off moment with these folks, but I've always wondered what they thought about their behavior. Or if it even registered with them. When I broached the subject with a bully (a Facebook thing), I got typical bombastic bully denial. BUT, the conversation completely turned around when I said I didn't want to put anyone on trial for their past self. I cannot say how much this interaction gave me hope.
  • A life-changer happened. More details as I can release them.
My Wednesday Wishes

Grace under pressure
The next few months are going to be filled with details and deadlines. I'm not good with either, so I'm hoping I can get through them calmly and -- dare I ask -- joyfully.

The big thing to happen
There's one piece of this whole life-changing deal that would make life sooo much easier (I think) if it went through easily. And soon. 

Peace with what is
I'm old enough to know that sometimes when I don't get what I want, it makes a way for something better. I want to trust that it's gonna be better than okay.

How about you? 

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  1. Eager to hear about the life changer, when the time is right :)