Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Because it's the middle of the week.

And Monday's plans are pretty much off the table, just because life happens.

But there's still hope for amazing stuff right around the corner.

And rituals for pleasure can be a wonderful thing.

So here's the game. Each Wednesday (yeah, this week I'm late!), I'll post about things I'm wishing for, and you can play along at home or here in the comment section.

Why wishes on a bike blog? 
Why not? We all lust for a gorgeous bike, a great helmet, warm gloves for winter riding or just more time to ride. Those of you participating in 10-Minute Momentum know all about wishing and doing, since you've decided to make small to large changes toward feeling great.

Going public with the wishes can also be like an flashing sign to the Universe saying, "Over here! Pick me!" Then coincidence can take over.

A few suggestions . . .
  • Be confident. Don't be shy about asking for what you want, but don't expect a white knight to ride in to save the day. Be prepared to save your own day be being curious, open to the unexpected, and taking small (or large) steps in that direction.
  • Be specific. What you need will make it to you if you can pinpoint what it is. If you don't know what you want, you can wish for clarity.
  • Don't should on yourself, and don't musterbate. Wish for what you really want, not what makes other people comfortable or lets you settle back into your usual routine. This is about opening the doors of possibility. Wide.
  • Don't offer advice to other folks who comment. No one wants their wish to be stuffed back into a box or to hear a sermon. If you have a lead on their wish, tremendous! Share freely!
If you're not sure how to get started, I recommend hopping over to Havi Brooks' site, The Fluent Self, for her version of wishing.

My Wednesday Wishes:

A simple, energizing morning ritual.
I'm one of those people who wakes early with my brain buzzing with heaps of ideas for the day. It's also the time when the house is quiet and no one needs me, so I tend to hole up with a book or computer and putter. It's precious me time.

Pretty soon it's 9 a.m., the dudes haven't had a proper breakfast yet, and I'm rushing around like a mad woman trying to get the day in motion. After months of hoping that "me time" will get me going, I have to admit that it's nothing more than an avoidance tactic.

I'd like to find a way to get in 10 minutes, a beautiful and soothing practice (Cup of tea? Meditation?) and a laugh to put everything in perspective. I'll be doing a lot of thinking about the small things that make me happy and start experimenting.

An simple, affordable solution to improve my commuter bike.

As I wrote in an earlier post, I need to make some changes to make my bike work for me. I'm too hunched over on the straight handlebars and I can only carry cargo in a backpack. Because I'm no sort of bike mechanic, I have no clue how difficult or simple it will be to switch out handlebars and/or add a rack and pannier. I can't quite afford an Xtracycle FreeRadical yet. Someday. Sigh.

I promise to get myself to the Bike Kitchen and ask the very cool volunteer experts what they think.

A great pair of boots or shoes.

I've had the hardest time finding a pair of shoes. I really don't want to whine, but everything looks too stodgy or too impractical. Style? Not cowboy, not (motorcycle) biker, not floozy. Practical and magical. Kinda like this, but without the Dansko bottom, which is just too clunky for me. Love the embroidery, but I need something a little more sleek.

I will keep looking online and locally, but I would like these shoes or boots to come to me in a fantastic way. 'Cuz it's just more fun.

Your turn!


  1. have you looked at la canadienne boots? they're not cheap, but they're ridiculously comfortable AND waterproof (which is key here in rainy portland, and i imagine not a bad feature in your snowy climes!) i have the Ramona ( and they were worth every penny - I used Christmas money from my MIL to cushion the blow to my wallet.

    i also covet these merrells -

    as for wishes, right now, i'm pretty well set. i feel very fortunate with my life at the moment and making any wishes seems greedy. ask me again in a few weeks and that may change, but at this moment, all is well. i do really love your wish for a simple, energizing morning ritual. i could definitely use one of those myself and will have to think on that...

  2. JJ--I sooo need to get to Portland to meet you sometime! I've been drooling over the La Canadiennes for months, but I'm not ready to pay the price at this point. But maybe a used pair will turn up locally. A girl can dream. Those Tetras are great, too.

    About wishing--remember that it doesn't have to be stuff. It can be release of tension with a friend, an opportunity to do something wonderful, or a perspective that shifts.

    So glad you're in a space of abundace!

  3. I wish for financial stability.

    It's so within my reach, but I'm not there yet.

    I've been living on the edge for five months (or 10, depending on how you cut it) doing part-time work to make ends almost meet while job-searching. I've finally found, been offered, and accepted an excellent job, but I probably won't get my first paycheck until mid/late March. I have $4,000 in credit card debt accumulated during this lean time, plus at least $20,000 in student loans, said credit cards are nearly maxed out, and my bank account is empty. I had to ask my dad to lend me next month's rent.

    I need to get through the next 4-5 weeks. Once the money starts flowing, I absolutely must still live frugally to pay off my accumulated debt. I wish to come out the other side with health, hope, and happiness intact.

  4. Kirsten--You'll do it. These lean times don't last, and in a year, this will all be a hazy memory. I know it sucks, but it's OK to ask for help, and learning to live frugally is a great skill.

    Congrats on the new job!! The money will start rolling soon, and until then, I'll be sending you warm thoughts.

  5. Found this for you:

    My wishes are -- well, nope, not right now. Kind of odd. I tried some but none really fit. Maybe tomorrow. Besides, I've got my buttery $3 sexy reader shoes right here...

  6. Lorca--Loved that article! I could hear you laughing as I read it. Have fun with your wishes-to-be and your new shoes!

  7. OK, this is crazy. I randomly came across your blog a couple of weeks ago, started following and started doing the 10 minute routine. Today I find out that we know each other from way back - Mrs Jones, 2nd grade! Email me!!

  8. "About wishing--remember that it doesn't have to be stuff. It can be release of tension with a friend, an opportunity to do something wonderful, or a perspective that shifts.

    So glad you're in a space of abundance!"

    oh i know! and "a space of abundance" is such a good way of phrasing it. it's truly what i'm in right now, and i am very thankful for it every moment of the day.

    and yes, i'd love it if you made it to portland one of these days! there, that's my wish! ;)