Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot Husband has a new ride!

The new picture in the dictionary next to "happy."
Here's my man, all jazzed because he has his first new bike in about 14 years. (Ok, there was that brand new mountain bike he got a couple of years ago that he traded for a rifle because he got a screaming deal on a friend's mountain bike, but I think this one's staying.)

What you're seeing is more than a Motobecane Fantom Cross Team cyclocross bike. It's his well-deserved bonus for absolutely taking the high road for years in an tough employment situation. If we could afford to give him a sabbatical, we would, but right now he'll have to settle for the bike and the promise that someday, I will be his sugar mama.

I digress.

Hot Husband tries to bike to work as often as his schedule and the weather allows. While he would rather get his workout high from trail running, he also gets out on his bike for exercise, so this bike is an excellent fit for him. It has enough performance oomph to bring back flashes of his triathlon days, he can use slick or knobby tires depending on the weather, and it has braze-ons for a bike rack and panniers.

Its inaugural ride was last week, on an amazing bike adventure we took together while his parents were in town, generously watching the kids so we could have a break. More on that later.

For now, it's great to see him geeking out over his new wheels.

Working with his bike-loving dad to get it dialed in

Delicately handling his precious new toy, ready to ride


  1. I too have a Hot Husband who bikes. So nice to see you celebrate his happiness!

    I'm reading you thanks to the women's bike blog list I've been compiling since last fall (http://bit.ly/WomenBikeBlogs) and I follow you on Twitter as @WomenBikeBlogs.

  2. Hey, Barb! Thanks for creating such a great list of women's bike blogs and promoting them! It's such a great idea that I was hungry for when I got hooked on biking for pleasure.