Monday, September 12, 2011

How we do weekends

Me and my man; morning light

The weekends are now ours, all ours, and it feels luxurious! Months of painting, packing and cleaning are gone, now replaced with playtime. Ahhh . . .

Hot Husband and I have been getting in a few early morning rides, starting the day on quiet roads, when the air is cool and the drivers pass with a friendly wave. It's a beautiful time for us to chat about things that have been rambling in our heads, free of interruptions.

Those idyllic moments are soon replaced with soccer games, errands, fun with the kids and a hustle to get on the river before the weather gets nippy. Our rental house in Kalispell is right on the water, so we got a little kayak so we all can play a bit.

For more laid-back fun, we get out the raft and mosey downstream, away from phones, dirty dishes, and laundry. It's just us and the river. And three crazy dudes.

I'm so very grateful for this time. Our house in Bozeman has sold. Hot Husband has a new job he enjoys. The dudes have adjusted to our new locale quite nicely. It's great to be back in the land of stability and freedom.

My favorite biking partner
Dragon boy ready for the ball

Monkey Boy digging in

Evening paddle

Rowing lessons

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