Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Resolution Rebellion: Pssst! I'm really bully-proofing you

Just a little note of clarification here. Yes, I'm offering you a ridiculously simple 5k or 10k training plan if you want it, but please, please know that you don't have to do any running. Ever. Well, unless you're being chased.

So why am I encouraging running on a bike blog?

In a couple of weeks, the Be Your Better Self gurus are going close in from all sides. They'll be hawking their wares, letting you know that they are the answer to your feelings of inadequacy. Yes, they will confirm, your nasty little habits make you inadequate, and they can cure you.

This vibe is almost impossible to escape at the end of the year, and it's brutal. To be fair, they're only trying to help and make a good living, but it's a little overwhelming.

My little Resolution Rebellion is simply a permission slip for you to ignore these well-intentioned bullies. Get started on something that makes your heart sing, and by the time they are chanting from every media outlet, you'll already be honed in on what really matters.

You'll have momentum.

You won't need external motivation, special equipment (unless you want it) or health club membership fees.

You won't need to sit around contemplating shoulds, musts, and might have beens.

You won't be reaching for a bag of Twizzlers, a cigarette or another beer to muffle the panic that says you're not good enough.

So go do a little of whatever connects you with your internal compass. You won't be able to hear the bullies over your joyful laughter.

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