Friday, November 25, 2011


My post-race dudes, Thanksgiving morning

Last year, I was totally out of my league on a cruiser ride with four adventure guys on a bitter cold Thanksgiving morning. My toes froze, my upper body overheated, and it was the best start to Thanksgiving I've had in years.

This year, Hot Husband ran a 5k with Tiger Boy. He surprised himself with a fast time, and Tiger Boy's daily practice of running a 3k paid off. I came home with two mellow, hungry dudes. We fried a turkey, sipped coffee by the river, enjoyed good friends and reveled in the luxury of Hot Husband's four-day weekend.

 I started today with a killer yoga class and soon moved to milking the neighbor's cow, having a killer breakfast and playing Killer Bunnies with the dudes. Afternoon activities include a hike and possibly a ride on my new/used bike.

Life is good.

After a year of unknown and upheaval, we are in a beautiful place.

My family is healthy.

I've found a great new winter activity in yoga and a great studio where I can get stronger, gently.

I'm finding the courage to move forward into new adventures.

I am so grateful for the chance that exercise has given me, a 40-something mom, to get out out of my head and have a powerful body.

Hot Husband preparing to take 3rd in his age group

Tiger Boy turkey trotting

All my dudes

My view as I do dishes each day


  1. It's really been a wonderful weekend of hanging out and breathing. No agenda, no drama. Ahhh . . .