Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day, come on!

The holiday vibe is going strong here! The dudes have requested their favorite dishes for the Thanksgiving meal, I'm picking up the turkey today, and the house is mostly clean. I'm having visions of rich food, warmth in every corner of the room, and laughter.

I also registered Hot Husband and Tiger Boy for the Whitefish Turkey Trot. I get to lead the cheering squad and watch two of my men start their holiday with joy. I would love to run with them, but the younger dudes still need supervision and they're waaay too old to fit in a stroller. I think I'll have more than enough fun on the sidelines.

5k/10k Training Plan
For those of you planning to run on Thanksgiving, my apologies for not posting earlier. Hopefully, you got in a run on Sunday. Training for the rest of the week can include two 25-minute runs, which includes a 5-minute warmup at the beginning and a 5-minute cool down at the end. Run intervals for the remaining 15 minutes.

Run any days that suit your schedule, but I'd take Wednesday off so your body can rest for the run on Thursday. If you're not racing on Thanksgiving, feel free to go for a run that morning. You'll feel so virtuous at the table that's groaning under the weight of all the goodies!

My Compass
This holiday season, I've been practicing the art of calling in everyday miracles. I've been waking up to the fact that I tend to sit and watch, waiting to see what life hands me, then responding accordingly.

I got here from several places, like growing up in a family with strong personalities and being a mom, which has taught me that insisting on my own way in the face of toddlers and diaper changes was definitely a path to suffering.

But this way isn't serving me well. It's keeping me small, suspicious and resentful. So I'm testing out the idea that I can listen to those little whisperings of desire, step out in faith, and the world will meet me partway.

Know what? It's working.
  • Holiday meal plans have fallen in place, in spite of having just landed in a new town.
  • I have a small chunk of Christmas shopping completed, even though finances are tight.
  • I got a used bike to get me through winter rides! (Details later.)
  • The house is staying relatively clean, even though I'm the world's worst domestic manager.
  • Workouts are happening without force, and I even got my courage up to try hot yoga!
  • We're making new friends.
And it's all happening even though I didn't buy into an organizational system or try the 7 Steps of Success.

Where is the needle of your Compass pointing this week?


  1. Today, I am practicing being thankful for miracles! Glad things are falling into place so nicely for you!

  2. I'm also rebelling against just sitting and watching. I decided that it's time to put thoughts into actions and I'm taking matters in hand this weekend to make changes happen for us. It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel, even though right now I feel like we've got this big secret that we can't tell anyone about. Regardless it feels better than just accepting what life hands us. It's actually keeping me motivated to go out and run at least 3 times a week as well as go to the gym and lift weights, two things I used to do religiously before we moved to Flagstaff.

  3. Inspired--Thanks so much! It feels good to be here .

    She Rides--Boy, that sounds familiar! All the best as you work your way through whatever you and your Ironman are facing. I know that living though our recent tough situation really made me realize what I could and couldn't control. Like you, I decided that I could control my health, so I'm more committed to what makes me feel wonderful. Applause for you.