Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas tree is home!

It wouldn't be Christmas without the tree.

In my never-ending attempt to keep our holidays simple, I start the season by asking the dudes what's most important to them rather than assuming that we have to do everything we did last year and more. This year is different, since all the usual activities are off the table and we're trying to establish new traditions.

Even so, the request came through loud and clear: we needed to cut our own tree.

We've tromped out to the woods to get a tree since Tiger Boy was a baby. I have varying memories of stomping around for what seemed forever in hip-deep snow, trying to keep two toddlers warm and content, and expeditions that ended with great sledding runs.

Of course, I knew this year wouldn't be the same, but I wondered and worried. Would we find a great spot? Would we have to hike indefinitely? Could we get the tree back to the car? Once again, I got a lesson in trusting that it would all work out.

The paved road gave way to packed dirt and gravel, then ended at a gate that locked off a logging road. After scanning the area for likely tree candidates, Hot Husband pointed up a very steep hill. "Let's see what's on that ridge."

What appeared after a dicey hike that involved boosting the dog over fallen trees was nothing short of a wonderland. I swear elves live there. Snow was falling gently, the dudes found secret spots to hide, and we got a lovely little tree.

Then, we feasted.

Powza Bakery is this quaint little place that serves up orgasmic donuts (yeah, I said it) filled with peanut butter mousse. Or bacon-topped delicacies for the protein deficient. Inside are comic book prints hung on brightly-colored walls. Great stuff.

The dudes decorated the tree in record time, doing everything from untangling lights and dragging up all the boxes of ornaments we've been able to find. They're old enough now to remember special ornaments, so it's fascinating to see kids so young reminisce about Christmases past.

Now it's officially Christmas. Bring on the buttered rum!

Hot Husband hauling out the tree

The dudes and their dog

Forest sprite

Rite of passage--cutting down the tree

Now THAT'S a donut.

Decorating everything in sight

That's more like it.

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  1. Orgasmic doughnuts. What more could a girl need. Can't wait to visit and try them!