Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wrap Up: My week in a bento box (YUM!)

photo courtesy of Lorenia

Wrap Up will be a regular feature here on Bike Bliss to give me (and you, if you like) a chance to look at the week and see what worked. I have a hunch that one of the reasons the we don't get what we want outta life is that we're always chasing the future. Another reason is that we don't remember what worked -- only what didn't. And then we club ourselves for the mistakes. Here's a massive permission slip to quit replaying the failures and smile about the good stuff.

Sweet: Movin' my boo-tay
Oh, I wish you could all take the yoga fitness course I found at my local yoga studio! The instructor is fabulous, the other folks attending are caring and hilarious, and we all have a wonderful time. I usually avoid fitness classes and gyms like the plague because I walk in the place and immediately compare myself to other folks in the room. Am I thin enough? Strong enough? Polished enough? It's like someone handed my internal critics a double-shot.

This class leaves me sweating, filled up with laughter and eager for the next one. Ahhhh . . .

Savory: Morning walks soothe my soul
I've had more than the recommended daily allowance of screen time this week, and after seeing that news story about the dangers of sitting on your duff all day, I decided to start my day with outside time. I adore the morning light, the chance to see changes in nature each day and a break from my frantic mind.

Sour: Clearly, this is not my stuff
There was an ugly little blowup on my Facebook page over a cartoon I had posted, complete with total strangers jumping in to tell me I needed to prove my opinion. It's never fun to get bullied in my own space, but I had a whole lotta clarity on this one. The incident put a spotlight on my tendency to waste energy by thrashing around in the mud pit of negativity.

I was able to stand my ground politely but firmly. I got another chance to see a pattern that doesn't serve me, and now I need to look at why I get hooked by these situations. Notice, breathe, imagine. Repeat.

Incredibly, I felt grateful for previous tough situations where other people in pain were trying to pin their stuff on me. No, really. I was shocked, too. I usually rage, whine and spew all manner of curses like, "It's not fair! They're so mean!"

My past pain allowed me to see in a split second what was my stuff so I didn't spend hours fretting over what I woulda-coulda-shoulda done.

Salty: Work! For me!
I sent the most powerful cover letter I have ever written earlier this week, and two days later, I got a call for a quick assignment. I did it, I nailed it, and it felt really good. I have no idea what the outcome will be, but it felt great to be helpful and completely in command of the situation.

Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend for all of you! I'd love to hear about the best of your week . . .


  1. Congrats on the editing work! Best of my week, hmmm...Some good Nordic skiing despite challenging conditions, new coffee maker (after the other one died), new clarity on my work situation, a bit of time to visit with friends. Good to take stock of what's right :)

  2. Thanks, minor! Wow--some skiing! I thought there was zero snow for y'all. Mmm . . . coffee. I've been thinking about you and your work situation. Keeping my fingers crossed!