Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nitty-gritty bike date (why I need fenders)

me, pre-ride

me, post-ride
It's the season of slush, and I am obviously unprepared.

My old, dutiful Jamis mountain bike was completely equipped with fenders, a bike rack and studded tires for snow and ice. I had places to stash stuff and my clothes stayed neat and clean. I rode it in rain, snow, ice and sun with practically zero splashes, and that was that.

I've gotten lazy with the new bike. I had visions of doing it up to be my all-purpose commuter bike. I've dreamed of shiny fenders -- or maybe hand-painted ones -- a basket, panniers, and oh, upright handlebars!

Instead, the bike sat in the garage while the holidays came and went, and so did the budget to get bike pretties. Other things just seemed more important, and the lack of snow meant the streets were pretty dry.

I didn't think anything of it when Hot Husband and I pedaled off on another bike date over the weekend. And then I hit asphalt on a day when melting snow was running in the gutters. Without fenders, grit splashed everywhere. I'll admit that I was pretty uptight for the first ten minutes or so, especially since Hot Husband had been raising an eyebrow over my choice of a skirt, dressier coat and my everyday boots.

Him: "I just don't see why you need to dress up for a bike ride."

me: "So you don't want me to look nice on a date with you?"

Him:  (silence)

 The good news is that all of my stuff rinsed out or washed off easily when we got home. Man, I love wool and leather. And I have a feeling the old fenders are going on the new bike tonight.

Coated from head . . .

 . . . to toe

Hot Husband, the more practical half of our union


  1. How adorable are you?! Totally worth the clean-up, I say...

  2. Awww . . . shucks. I skipped the picture of my splattered face.

  3. I love bike dates, dressing up for them and bike fenders for staying neat and clean.