Monday, January 21, 2013

No regrets.

This online chat happened January 22, but you can catch a recording of it here for free! Please join us for the next one on February 5!

Let's hear it for non-sucky exercise! Hooray for workouts we look forward to! Applause for an end to "No pain, no gain!"

Come join me tomorrow today, January 22 at 1 p.m. MST for a 30-minute online chat about bypassing the usual guilt-laden resistance to the e-word (exercise). We'll be dumping musts and shoulds, refusing to deprive ourselves to get results, and we'll giggle. A lot.

I'll hand you permission to do pajama workouts, flip off discipline and willpower, and finally see exercise as a place to relax and enjoy life.

No shame, no pressure.

Can't make the class time? No problem. Register anyway, because we can zip you a recording of the call. Listen to it while you're cooking, lounging or needing a little inspiration.

Need details for tomorrow's class? Certainly . . .

Permission to drop resolutions, goals and the drive for results
Sure, they’re useful for some people, but if they were sure-fire rocket ships to success, why isn’t everyone skinny, rich and blissed out? We’ll pick results that inspire, not intimidate.
Permission to dump willpower and discipline
Your body is so wise. It doesn’t want to be pushed, pulled or dragged through anything for the promise of happiness later. We’ll get you into your groove with momentum that you’ll create – on your own terms.
Permission to redefine exercise
It’s gotten a bad rap as the unpleasant thing we do because our bodies aren’t good enough. New definition: a shortcut to renew your inner reserves.
Permission to stop believing stories that sabotage
We have these ideas about why we avoid exercise. Maybe they came from a parent, a teacher or the kid next door. Maybe that idea was true and useful then, but you don’t have to hold onto it anymore if it’s not serving you.
Permission to step into your own power . . . in your pajamas
This sounds like woo-woo crazy talk or a con job, but it’s incredibly simple. We’ll build a series of micro-workouts of your choosing so you’ll stoke inspiration, not PE flashbacks.

Register so you can have the support of other women who are trying to repair their resistance to exercise. We built a private forum just for you.

Register so you can feel fabulous in your body again.

Register so you can put that "get in shape" resolution to rest, once and for all.

Many thanks to Living Healthy Together for hosting the Fitness Wisdom Connection webinar and forum!

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