Sunday, January 13, 2013

Webinar? What the %@*& is a webinar?

The first webinar in this series took place January 22. You can catch the free recording here! Register now for the next one on February 5. See you there!

Those of you who frequently drop in here or the Bike Bliss Facebook page or follow me on Twitter have definitely heard me talk about my upcoming webinar called the Fitness Wisdom Connection. Oooh, I am so very excited!

But in my typical habit of enthusiasm before planning (dear friends, quit nodding), I failed to realize that some of you might not know what a webinar is, which makes it pretty difficult to decide if you want to do one (Watch one? Have one? Participate in one?). Obviously, I have some explaining to do.

Short answer? Web = Internet, -inar = short for seminar or class. A live, online class.

Fun answer? Skype + slidehow. Technology lets a bunch of us chat at once, no matter where we are in the world! I fill you in on some subversive ways to find workouts you love and do them regularly, even if you have a slacker's heart. You also get to ask me questions in real time. Can't make the webinar time? No problem. If you register, you can have access to a recording.

You can listen in on the phone or watch and listen using our computer. Take notes or run on the treadmill while you listen. Virtually drop in during your lunch break (we won't tell!) or in the comfort of your jammies. It's a low-key, effective way for me to dig into these ideas and help you find your way to a positive connection with exercise.

I'll be talking, laughing and offering big questions for about 30 minutes, and then you get to ask me questions afterward. We'll have the chance to connect later on a Living Healthy Together forum so that you have feedback and encouragement.

What the Fitness Wisdom Connection is NOT:
  • A sales pitch for a rapid results program. No 30 pounds in 30 days nonsense or insane, unsustainable diets.
  • Chest-thumping hype. All I'm offering is a playful perspective on exercise. 
  • Therapy or instruction. I'm not a counselor, doctor, coach or personal trainer. 
  • Persuasion to do a specific type of exercise. Yes, my blog is named Bike Bliss, but I really want you to find your own bliss, not just adopt mine.  
  • Achievement and performance. You can get amazing results from exercise without obsessing over calories burned and target heart rate zones.
  • Unicorn rainbow glitter. This isn't about beautiful affirmations and wishful thinking. Results are important.

What the Fitness Wisdom Connection is
  • Breathing space. We'll be dumping most of the rules about what exercise should look like and give you room to explore what makes you feel fantastic in your body.
  •  Direction. I won't boss you around, but I will give you tools and ask great questions to help you find the kinds of exercise that inspire you.
  •  Momentum. Most programs preach that discipline and willpower are the only way to results, and results are the key to keep you on the straight and narrow. I'm offering a ticket to momentum, which carries you along to workouts so you don't have to drag yourself there.
  • Permission. Choose the results that matter to you. Try Zumba or CrossFit or hula hooping. Go paleo or vegan. Quit forcing yourself to do the "right" thing and focus on doing your thing.

Ready to play? Hop on over to the registration page at Living Healthy Together, and the amazing Shelby will send you all the details you'll need to attend the webinar.

You know what a webinar is now, right?

Can't wait to see you!

Questions? Drop me a line at or visit the Bike Bliss Facebook page.


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  2. Hey, everyone! The webinar material is done an is ready for you anytime. Starting today, I'm offering some additional support for anyone who wants to replace exercise frustration and guilt with power.

    I'm sending out weekly emails that give you permission slips to try small things and let them pull you along. Send an email to and I'll get you on the list!

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