Sunday, February 3, 2013

Willpower vs. Momentum: And the winner is . . .

Nothing like the NFL's High Holy Day to inspire another round of dedication, discipline and just-do-it hype.

Yesterday, I wanted none of it.

I was blasted from being up half the night with a feverish child and a Downton Abbey marathon. (I'm all caught up now, thanks.) I dragged myself around, making excuses for being at half speed and wishing I felt better so I could get out for a real ride on one of the rare sunny winter days we have in Kalispell.

Finally, as the sun was an hour from setting, the pull of a ride in sunshine was too much. "Only a quick ride," I told Hot Husband, and I set off on on my 20-minute loop. I just needed to get out and move, but I knew I couldn't handle much.

I biked through the ice and slush on my neighborhood's road and hit dry pavement. In a flash, I knew that the bike was hijacking me. We were going toward the mountains, away from the rush of traffic with sun was at my face.

I rode and rode. I blew past my turnaround point, and the killer hill was no problem, even on my beastly old-school mountain bike. The ride was freedom and flowing motion at every moment.

In 45 minutes, I was back home, humbled by the realization that once again, I had learned that momentum triumphs over sheer willpower. I hadn't forced, rewarded or manipulated myself into getting out and feeling the breath and heat in my body. The ride kept tugging at me, and instead of rolling my eyes and finding a distraction, I just went along.

This week, I'm doing another online class on getting yourself to this place where you are drawn to exercise because it makes you feel powerful and grateful. There are no detailed workout plans, no special diets to follow, no new standards for what you should or must be doing. It's all about coming home to your body, without guilt.

Go here to find out how it works. Here's the link to register. And if you have any questions, please email me at

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